Try Ovulex??????

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Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:17 am 
Post subject: Try Ovulex??????
Hi all, I'm 22 and my partner is 25. This is our first time trying for a baby. I've had the coil in and I took it out August 2007. Still no joy. Because we are so young there's no hurry but you know how us women can get! After searching on the internet one day I stumbled across this website it seemed too good to be true. However I was willing to try pretty much anything just as long as it was natural (due to my faifth) Ovulex seemed like the perfect choice. I ordered a years supply beacuse it basically says that if you do not fall pregnant or are in anyway unhappy they'll refund you, so ur basically trying it for free. I received my order on Monday 25th February, my last period was Tuesday 12th February so im due on either today or yesterday. Since taking my coil out my periods have ranged between every 28-35 days, so im giving it until the end of the week to do a pregnancy test! Very Happy Have any of you tried Ovulex or know someone who has?
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