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Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:26 pm 
Post subject: New to forum....
.......and feeling like I want to cry.

Hello ladies

I am so sorry to be starting my very first post in such a manner but I feel I have nowehere else to turn to at the moment and I need to release my frustrations and I hope I can get some positive feedback in return.

By way of background info, I am almost 37, DH is 42. He has two children, both teenagers. We have been TTC for 15 months now. He's had sperm test (done at hospital A), I've had both sets of blood tests (done at hospital B). All of which were normal. Yesterday I went to another hospital (hospital C) to have a pelvic scan, which is where the frustrating bit comes in.

Hospital C asked if DH had had his test, I replied yes. When they realised it wasn't at their hospital they said that they don't accept the results from Hosp. A because they don't check for abnormality and that he would have to do another test. I explained that DH is dead against the idea of having another test and I respect his decision, therefore that was not an option and can we please just do my scan. Hosp. C reiterated that they would not do my scan without a full test done at their hospital from DH. First of all, I was frustrated to learn that I was only there for an initial consultation as my GP had led me to believe that I was being booked in for a scan, not just a consultation. Bearing in mind I'd had to book a 1/2 day holiday for this visit I was not happy. Nevertheless, I went through the consultation but didn't book a date for the scan, as I was quite sure that Hospital A had indeed done all necessary tests on DH's sperm and that all I had to do was get the results and pass them on to Hospital C.

Now, today I called Hospital A and sought clarification about the test. I was then told that no, they don't test for abnormality - some places do but they just don't. This is where the tears of frustration and anxiety come in to the picture because it begs the question "Why didn't my GP know this before she advised me to go to Hospital A for DH's test"? "Why doesn't Hosp. A do testing for abnormality"? Surely, it matters nowt whether you have gazillions of sperm swimming in the right direction if they're all abnormal???????

Now, even before yesterday's & today's events I was thinking about heading down the natural route and seeking out a naturopath or a clinic/person who specialises in African medicine (DH is of African heritage and we feel more akin to this type of herbal medicine) but now I'm even more convinced that I don't want any more to do with hospitals/doctors and the whole western medicine malarkey. Collectively, they are making a frustrating journey even more difficult to bear.

Can someone help me??? I just don't know where to begin looking for someone who can really help me. I am in the North London area, if that info is necessary.
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Posted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:38 pm 
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Hi Teebird, im new here also and 100% behind u with the frustration of our NHS. I live in the North London area also and I know exactly wat hospital is giving u all this trouble (Whittington?) I'm 22 and my partner is 25 this is our sventh month TTC without sucess and our GP's just look really bored when we try to explain how important this is to us. However, both of us are of Carribbean descent and we both highly disagree with anything sciencetific in out quest for a child, so after mindlessly browsing the internet one day I came across this website it seemed perfect and I ordered a years supply! I started taking it on 25th Feb and already my GP has confirmed that my horomobal balance is exactly on point! And that was only 3days ofter taking it. After taking the coil out in August 07 my cycle has ranged between 28-35 days. I'm due a period today, but I feel so much better within myself after taking Ovulex. Even if I dont fall pregnant this cycle, im just happy to feel at ease. I havent seen my doctor since which is good as im sure she was getting sick of me. If you like, I'd be happy to send you a bottle of this Ovulex, ive got plenty and im sure I wont be needing them all. Let me know.
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