opinions needed plz

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Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:42 pm 
Post subject: opinions needed plz
hi am posting this with regards to my youngest nephew. he has suspected epilepsy, learning difficulties and behavioural problems at 2years old getting full diagnosis is difficult. the thing is he is under a family support worker with our local sure start center comes out and offers tips on dealing with his behaviour from what she has read from a book. she doesnt have any children with behaviour problems nor does she know anyone that does and doesnt have a qualification regarding behaviour support. anyway, the thing is my youngest nephew constantly kicks, bites hits and throws things at my four year old nephew when at home my house or at my mums. because my sister is a single mum who doesnt have contact with the boys father we take the four year old over night a few times a week.
this family support worker has said today that me and my mum have caused the 2 year olds problems due to not taking him for the night as well. obviously we are distraught because she has told my sister not to let us take either of the children anymore. we thought we were helping by removing the 4yr old from the situation because when he isnt there the 2yr old doesnt behave as violently as when he is.
whilst i would love to take the 2 yr old over night on his own im 38 weeks pregnant with my first child and everytime i have had him in the past, overnight or for the day, he has behaved exactly the same with me as he does with the 4 year old and will not sleep.
any opinion would be appreciated.
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Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:58 pm 
Post subject:
its quite disgusting that she said its cos you havent taken the 2 year old aswell. If she had two children who behaved the same and played with each other you probably would take the both of them, or neither right?
You cant risk having the 2 year old at yours and been kicked and bunched in the stomach over and over again.
Has your sister listened to her?
If i was youi i'd put in a complaint

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Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:59 am 
Post subject: Re: opinions needed plz
May I say first of all...This is a woman who has no child and no experiance...why on earth haven't you contacted and consulted your GP and social services regarding this?
You ned a second opinion from another sorce immediately! i am eileptic myself and due to the medication I was taking when I was having my now eight year old son it has caused him to have learning and speach difficulties...It is an enormous pressure in the early ages and a great strain on any relationship that the parent has with anyone. The mother will worry and 'ANY' sorce of 'EXPLANATION' is never enough or good enough. DONOT let your nephew be diagnosed yet with anything or be put on medication until you have had as may different 'EXPLANATIONS' as you possibly can...even go private if possible look into as may different fields of 'Help' as you can. Look on internet sites. Really push yourselves and stay positive. Don't worry about what some 'woman' has said who doesn't have children and has probabaly not had much experiance..It is irrelevent! Your nephew is important...and needs your help to progress into a healthy young man and what ever your outcome 'STAY POSITIVE!' If you push for help you will get it! I did!
All the best...let me know how things go. Very Happy
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