Momaisey (or should that by Laybylil)

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Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:07 pm 
Post subject: Momaisey (or should that by Laybylil)
Hi Mo, thought I'd send you a message to see how my old mate is doing. And how is the handsome little Harry doing???

Saw you message about AF Evil or Very Mad in general, hope you're not to downhearted, I'm sure you will get a BFP soon, just lie back and think of England (or in your case Scotland).

We are all doing well, Bethany is a good little girl and is enjoying her fruit and veg purees, her favs are parsnip and banana.

I've been meaning to ask you for ages, if you are actually from Scotland, as I know you live there but you've mentioned going to Sheffield (or somewhere like that) to visit family, so is it that Andy is scottish and you live there?? Sorry I know I'm a nosy cow!!!

Loads of Love,

Lesley xx

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