excess amniotic fluid

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Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:56 pm 
Post subject: excess amniotic fluid
my wife is in her 31st week of pregnancy and we are expecting our first child.
As a part of her 20th week sonography and 30th week sonography, the observation was she was carrying excess amniotic fluid -
Accordng to our doctor we do not need to worry as ersults of all tests of my wife are normal and there are no abnormalities detected in the baby as well. the doctor says its something more of an idiocracy- and we have to live with it

my question/s are
1. what is the risks that we face
2. any possible remedies
3. what is the chance of a physical abnormality - external / internal
4. probability of down's syndrome
5. risks in child birth
i pose this question as we are away from home and apart from the doctor do not have anyone to advise us
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Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 4:19 pm 
Post subject:
Hi Sujit - I had excess amniotic fluid when I was pregnant with my son now 12 years old. They called it Polyhydramnios the only thing that happened to me was I put on an enormous amount of weight and my son weighed 91b 8oz!! Does not cause Down Syndrome or anything like that they are chromosonal abnormalities, try not to worry your midwife and doctors are obviously not worried, they will just keep an eye on your wife. Take care and dont worry, Flossie xx
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