help wiv expressing plssssssss

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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:43 pm 
Post subject: help wiv expressing plssssssss

My lil fifi is 7wks old. I have had problems wiv her in various areas but il be honest she is generally a very good baby. Saturday jus gone i had a terrible evening wiv her and worried she was not getting enough milk. I had expressed a week before and got loads out but on sunday i only got 1fl oz out of one breast and noone from the other, so i of course presumed that I was not producing enough milk, but have since learned that you may jus not be very good at expressing. so does any one have tips on successfull expressing wiv an electri pump and although she took a bottle only a week ago she now wont so any tips on that too please. x Very Happy
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Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:55 am 
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i checked some books and they seem to say that it takes a bit of time to establish expressing . apparently it's best to express in the morning when your breasts are full whie you are breastfeeding or else long after baby last fed .hope it goes well ! my little one is only 5 weeks and i going to give it a go too. Wink
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Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 12:43 pm 
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Hi there I done brest feeding counsiller/support for a while and also BF my 2 little girls till pretty far on. We teach folk to hand express. If you can keep trying and is miles more productive than a pump. A pump works on a vaccum method whereby it pulls the nipple in through a vaucum whereas hand expressing works the breast in the same way your baby does. Do lots of massaging and place a wet flannel on your breast before expressing (this seems to help a lot of folk with any form of expressing ie hand or pump) If you can have your baby in the same room as you (or if not have a photo) as this helps your body to release the correct hormones for allowimg your milk to flow more readily.

Some women will get a lot of milk through expressing and others wont. Everyone is different...but please please remember that your body is more than capable of feeding your baby!!! Womens confidence in their bodies has been so undermined by Formula companies and society in general.

So if you keep trying and you are not getting as much as you want...dont worry Little bambino is still getting plenty. Best way of extracting milk is by letting baby do it for you. Second best way is hand expressing and third is by pump.

I just used to sterelise a bottle and aim into it!! Ha I became an expert aimer but alternativly boil a jug and express into this.

Hope this helps

Ali x
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Posted: Fri Mar 14, 2008 11:00 pm 
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hi honey. i am breast feeding now and my baby is 18 weeks. i had to learn to hand express as i had terrible thrush in the nipple and it was so sore to use any sort of pump. i sat in a hot bath and place warm flannels on my boobs. then you have to find the milk ducts around your nipple (about an inch from the base of the nipple). use your thumb and index finger to lightly squeeze from the back of the ducts to the nipple. keep doing it and experimenting and the milk will flow x it takes practise
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