any info would help thanks

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Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:59 am 
Post subject: any info would help thanks
i was sterilised 7 years ago after a v bad relationship i had no counselling before or after the op although i was told it was permanent that was about it. I am now in a great relationship and my oh and i would love to have a child of our own.This is not the only reason i am considering a reversal tho since the op i have had very heavy and painful periods and pmt is so bad i surprised people put up with me lol.Has anyone else suffered like this since there op i have tried researching but all i seem to see is that most women are fobbed off by their drs because there is no evidence to suggest that its related.

I have visited my gp today and have been referred to the local hosp my appointment is in 2 weeks i am hoping that i will be considered for a reversal on the nhs but i am not holding my breath. The bright side is i was reccomended the spire clinics by a few people and when i rang them i was told they had 1 consultant in my area who just happens to be the consultant i am going to see on the nhs.So fingers crossed for me. I am hoping that not only that my oh and i will hear the patter of tiny feet but the pain i have been in since the op will finally be no more .
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Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 2:13 pm 
Post subject: Same for me!
I have had the same since my sterilization 9years ago! I thought it was just me! I have my appointment to see the Spire Healthcare consultant next tuesday to discuss having it reversed. We were turned down to have it funded by NHS.
Hope all goes well for you.
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