suspected ectopic

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Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:03 am 
Post subject: suspected ectopic
i never thought i would have to put a post here... but hear i am.. Crying or Very sad
i am 24yrs old and i found out last tue that i was at least 5 weeks pregnant, the day i found out i started spotting for 2 days i called my doc and they got me in for an U/S and a blood test, they couldnt find the baby in my uterus so the doc thinks it may be ectopic or ive got my dates mixed up, i went in for a blood test the next day and my levels rose a little but not alot, ive had very mild cramps but all have been in the center of my uterus, and i read that if it is EP the cramps are one side, and today im really dizzy, im really worried i go in for another U/S tomorrow morning to see if they can find it, is there any other symptoms that i should be getting if it is EP?

please any advise would be great Shocked
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Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:43 am 
Post subject:
hi hun,

couldn't leave without posting. I sincerely hope it's not an EP. I know how your feeling.
When i experienced mine, i also vomited heaps and was always uncomfortable. the pain did end up on my left hand side on and off then continuously and i remember crying as i couldn't hack the pain anymore. I was about 3 -4 weeks pregnant when the pain started. I had the EP removed when i was about 6 weeks. I remember having 2 weeks of hell.

I remember within the 2 weeks of hell, having 3 vaginal examinations, 2 ultrasounds and 6 pregnancy tests before they confirmed i had an EP. although these were carried out at 3 different hospitals.

So i would think you being around 5 weeks they should be able to tell whether it's ectopic at your ultrasound 2morrow.

Feel free to Private message me anytime.

Fingers crossed for you love.
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