Pregnant and not aware of it

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Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:42 am 
Post subject: Pregnant and not aware of it
I would really like to know if anyone out there has had an experience....I did not find out i was pregnant until i was 17weeks. I still got my periods and didnt feel anything unusual apart from a bloated tummy and slight headache. I only found out after i went to have my tummy checked and an ultrasound confirmed i was 17weeks. I was so elated and it was amazing to see my baby moving inside me yet i dint know! I even got to know the sex of the baby! I just feel a bit guilty because i didnt take care of myself cuz i dint know i had a baby...But i pray everything works out.
My baby is now the most important thing in my life and am taking the best care of myself for her sake...Its a nice feeling to know i will only be pregnant for 5 months since the first 4 passed without me knowing.
The doc confirmed my baby is ok!
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Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:57 am 
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Hi hun, the exact same thing happened to my best friend - she was 20 weeks before she found out. She hadnt been having periods, and had been feeling unwell, she went to the docs, and he did a test - and it was negative!! She was travelling in australia at the time, and was horse riding, drinking, smoking etc cos she didnt know. Then she broke her hand, and had to go under general anastheatic - anyway she came home, and was having stomach pains and felt bloated - they did an ultrasound, and there was her little girl !!! THe baby was fine, shes 3 and a half now.

It was a big shock for her and must have been for you - but your baby will be fine, they are resilient little monkeys!! My friend was worried about the drinking etc, but she used the last 5 months to make sure she did everything properly, stopped everythin,and looked after herself.

Soooo, was it a nice surprise?! xx
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