need advice.

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Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 12:18 pm 
Post subject: need advice.
okay so now its time to be a bit honest..
i did something against the low few years back and i really regret that till today.
When i was 20 years old i met a guy who needed a visa to stay in uk...
we have had agreement thta he wil pay me money every week and all will finish within 2 years, well suddenly i got pregnant - not with him- as we never been like real partners... and now is like 3 years on with this marriage he doesnt wanna give me divorce and what more when we were about to get married he helped me to get all documnets like: registration in home office, ni number etc.
also he is holding my passport all this time, its difficuolt to travel for me a nd now am having my baby boy and lol we want travel this xmass to see my parents but well without those documents ( he has them) i am not able to do passport for my son...
i just need to know how to get divorce, as i can afford lawyer and am not on benefits so am not entitled to free advice from solicitor...
also need to know how i can get my documnets back, he is saying that they are still in embassy with our passports.
am well [*CENSORED*] off cos he tryied to stopped me from getting housing benefits and chikd trust found for y son.
anyone know what to do?

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Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 5:20 pm 
Post subject:
Hi hun. You can go to Citizen Advice Bureau, they give free advice not matter what your circumstances are. Im pretty sure you can just file for divorce on the grounds that you dont get along any more, or get an annulment if you never consummated the marriage (Im not too sure if there is a time limit on when you can get an annulment though so maybe double check that) Just be carful on what infor you give Citizen's though as I dont know if they have a legal obligation to tell the law what you have done Confused
Also are you in contact with your babies daddy and does the daddy know about the baby? Your 'husband' has no right over the baby if you didnt name him as the dad on the birth certificate as he is not blood related.
Have you tried contacting the embassy yourself as to the where abouts of your passport?
I dont really have much advice for you but just want to say I hope you can get yourself out of this mess soon.
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