Can anyone Help????

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Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 11:33 am 
Post subject: Can anyone Help????
Hi im bexs and i dont know if iam being silly or if there is something wrong. I posted a letter on here about 3days ago saying that i was late on my period and that i have spoken to the nurse etc etc. I have not yet come on my period ,but for the last day or so i have been suffering with lower back pains my stomach is bloated and the lower pat of my stomach is abit tender to touch.i am going to the doctors tomorrow to ask for a blood test as all of the tests i have done have all come back negative. If someone has or is going through this please help as i am a bit worried.

Thankyou to eveyones adivce last time

Confused [/quote]
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Posted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:16 pm 
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hey bex

i have to admit i don't know too mcuh when it comes to all the medical terms....but i am now 3 days late have lower back pains, stomach is slightly bloated and i cannot seem to cool myself down. i haven't done a test yet.

it could be in your case that its too early so the hormones aren't strong enough when you are taking a test. I would defo go see the doc, don't worry yourself.

lots of baby dust xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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