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Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:17 am 
Post subject: knackered & desperate
:'( Hi I am absolutely desperate for some advice about what to do with my 11 month old and his lack of sleep. Things have got so bad that after 8 weeks of broken nights we caved in and gave him a bottle to stop him from crying. His routine is:

6 - 7am wake bottle
8am - breakfast
9.30am nap for 45 mins
play until 11am
11.30 lunch followed by playime
12.30 nap until about 2.30pm
bottle & snack & playtime until 5pm
quick nap in the car on the way home.
5.45pm dinner
7pm bath, bottle & bed

Getting him to sleep at night isn't too hard as he goes for his bath and bedtime at 7pm, we put him in his cot after a bottle and pat him to sleep. Sometimes he stands up and cries if we leave the room but he will go back to sleep if we pat him to sleep. He will then sleep until about 10pm when we give him another feed then it's back to sleep until 12.30pm and then the fun begins!!! He just will not settle back to sleep, some nights he is up for 3 hours at a time crying other nights he goes to sleep for 40mins and wakes up again. In the last few weeks we haven't had an unbroken night from midnight to 6am and it is taking its toll on us physically and mentally! We just do not know what to do as I said before we caved in and gave him a bottle last night cos we were so shattered. Oh and to add to our troubles we live in a tiny one bed flat so Z is in the same room as us. There is no room for us to go into the living room so we are all stuck in the same room!!

If anyone out there is in a similar situation and can offer some advice we would be so grateful!

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