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Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 12:34 pm 
Post subject: PCO

My husband & I started trying for a baby just as soon as we got married 2 years ago. After 6 months of trying and nothing happening we decided to go to the doctors to seek some medical advice. The GP sent me for some blood tests and as a results I was diagnosed with (PCO) Polycystic Ovaries. I didn't for one minute ever think I would have this problem as I have a little girl which I conceived without a trouble, anyway referrals were made by the doctors and I'm still on a waiting list somewhere. So I dedecided to do something about it myself and to find out more about the problem and to help my self.
I started looking on the internet, getting ovulation tests, monitoring my menstrual cycle etc. I have got myself in a pattern now by changing my diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I've not conceived yet, but I can only keep a positive attitude to get myself through this. Hope other PCO suffers have the same attitude and good luck.

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