6 mth old won't sleep without us

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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 10:44 am 
Post subject: 6 mth old won't sleep without us
My 6 mth old daughter slept for 11-12 hours from the age of 6 weeks old. However, since we moved her into her own room at about 3.5 mths it's been a bit hit and miss, however things are getting worse. She normally falls asleep during her last feed (does finish it though). We then put her in her cot. Two things either happen: As soon as her head touches the sheet her eyes open and she'd wide awake and screaming, or, she sleeps for ,may be an hour and then is awake. When we pick her up she falls asleep straight away, so we repeat it - lay her down and that's it she's awake again. This can go on for hours until my husband and I are exhausted and she will sleep in our bed.

A couple of weeks ago it all stopped and she was happily sleeping 11 hours in her cot then 4 nights ago it started again.

We've tried controlled crying but have found this so distressing and my daughter just doesn't give up and ends up being sick which I don't agree with. On the one hand all she wants is comfort but at the same time she is 6.5 mths old and she's got to learn to sleep in her cot. I'm still breast feeding and have tried putting one of my t-shirts in her cot with her but to no success.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any advice please?
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Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 11:08 pm 
Post subject: Baby won't sleep in cot
I experienced this. I'm also breastfeeding and he hated the cot. I've just put him in his own room. However I started by putting him in his cot just in the day so he got used to being in there and keeping the night as is initially. I got him a bedtime bear thats soft and he cuddles it and presses it to his face. I also put rolled towels or blankets to the sides initially and something above him so he feels enclosed. I think that makes them feel they are secure like in the womb which they feel when there close to you too. I didn't find the shirt smelling of breast milk worked at all. I have also learnt to leave him to get himself off and leave the room and if I go back in i put a hand on his belly but keep quiet. I make the room really dark with black out blinds and I l bath him before bed and try to get him to bash about a lot or roll around on the floor to wear himself out. He just conks out with exhaustion and sleeps better. I can't say he's perfect every night but he's a lot better and he isn't in my bed until the morning when I feed him. My health visitor said not to feed him in the night as he could wake up just for that so I' give him previously boiled water from a bottle and thats it. I find that really hard because breastfeeding is so quick to get him back off but if I do give in to that I put him straight back in cot again and don't leave him with me. Hope all this is some help!
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