Moving baby into own room

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Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:25 pm 
Post subject: Moving baby into own room
I am a single mum to a 12mth old baby girl who has never slept a full night through and for most of her first year has been waking for a night feed - this had become a routine, she was not actually hungry - I have since managed to get her out of this habit by giving her water at night but am now in the middle of a battle of wills with her since moving her into her own room last Sunday. I have never had any problem with getting her to sleep but she wakes around twelve and refuses to settle, standing at end of cot with arms outstretched, i have been leaving her to cry for 10-15mins at a time but the crying continues well into the night until eventually i have resorted to giving her Calpol to get her to sleep. I am really at my wits end now and being a single parent feel so lonely in the middle of the night listening to her and wondering am i doing the right thing. Perhaps as i am her sole carer her bond with me is greater and it will take longer for her to settle on her own - i would love to hear from any parent in a similiar position to me and any advice please
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