flying to cyprus with first choice with a 6 week old baby!!

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Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:17 pm 
Post subject: flying to cyprus with first choice with a 6 week old baby!!

We have almost chosen a travel system for our baby due April 2010 but are very concious that we are going to be taking the baby to Cyprus for two weeks on the 2nd June! (My sisters wedding)

Having spoken to First Choice we have been told that babys under 6 month old cannot take a a carseat, but can take a "pushchair / buggy".

1 . I wonder if anyone has any experience of flying with first choice with a baby under 6 months, and whether a travel system would be suitable to take? (as many strollers dont seem suitable for newborns)

2. Can we take a carrycot, as we want to use this in the hotel as somewhere for baby to sleep?

3. Also I have been advised that first choice allow 10kgs of luggage for babies??? Has anyone any experience of this?

Thanks in advance!

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