am i just being used?

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Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:46 pm 
Post subject: am i just being used?
hi new to this area of ab. my husband left me 5 months ago when i was 18ish weeks pregnant with two young sons an a lot of debt. im overdue and despeately grabbing affection when i can get it. we were married 7 years and although we had our ups and downs i loved him desperately so it tore my world apart when he left. im ashamed to say i even considered suicide, thats how lost i felt. anyways, in the time since he left, ive given him money to help him out (he has no family to fall bk on here, they are in africa), bought him bits and bobs, and even have been sleeping with him. he has told me in no uncertain terms he doesnt love me anymore and doesnt want anything more to do with me, but he has been seeing the boys as i feel its only fair on them ( theyr 5 and 2 1/2)..............he has also told me he doesnt want to be there when i give birth and when i asked why, he just replied "i dont know". i know he has met sum1 else, and have even seen txts she has sent him telling him how much she loves him etc but i love him too even tho he has treated me like shyt. so im still giving him each time we meet, shouldit be money, affection whatever, cos i feel so sorry for him. of course im angry at the situation but i feel if i keep loving him he will see what hes left and come back to i wasting my time??
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Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:33 am 
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Hey, Sounds like your going through an awful time and didnt want to read and run. Sounds like your OH is wanting the best of both worlds and your giving it to him (I have been in a similar situation with one of my exes). When my ex left me for another woman, he would still come running back for money... sex etc and i kept giving it to him cos I thought i could make him fall in love with me again. It didnt work.

It will take a long time to get over it, and even longer because he will have to stay in your life for your children. As for keep giving him money, he has made his bed and should lie in it. Hes taking advantage of you cos your letting him, you should save your money for you and your children cos they are the most important thing Very Happy

Good luck hun, and I hope everything works out. x
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