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Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:23 am 
Post subject: Need info please..
Hi ladies,

I am from Australia and was wondering if any ladies on here who are from Australia, maybe even QLD (sorry ladies but American or any other prices will be no good to me), could give me an idea on how much it costs to have a HSG done LAPARASCOPICALLY (under anaesthetic).

Don't know the proper terminology sorry. From what info I can get, I've got the figure of about $5000.

If by some miracle it is actually less would love to know and where abouts you had this done and how long ago.

I'm on a waiting list and sick of waiting. If it's less, i might be able to get in sooner.

Another question, by some miracle does anyone do this bulkbilled if you just have a medicare card???

Thanks in advance.

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