I do hes doesnt

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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:00 pm 
Post subject: I do hes doesnt
To cut a long story short.
Im 21 and have been with my partner a year. The past 3weeks have been abit strange, we have had 2 clairvoyants say that becareful of an unwanted pregnancy and becareful not to start a family too young.,
Now my partner thinks im pregnant there are no signs that i am as of yet ive missed 3 pills though.
If i was i dont think it would really be unwanted but my partner thinks we are too young and is prepared to do what i want if i am as he thinks things happen for a reason.

Im gettin quite exciting about finding out if i am and would actually like to try for one but i know my partner doesnt think the time is right,.
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Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:06 pm 
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My feeling is it should be a joint decision. You would both be bringing a little life into this world and it's a life changing thing. Maybe at 21 you think you're ready, maybe you are, but if it's not what your partner wants - right now- I think you should wait until he is ready

It's one thing falling pg and then deciding to follow it through its another planning it when the other thinks it's not the right time. You've got years ahead of you yet hopefully together.

Sorry if that sounds like a lecture - it's just my opinion Smile
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Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:52 pm 
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Hi, sorry to put a damper on your excitement but Babies are very hard work mentally and physically, it is so much easier if you have a willing partner to back you up. If he does not feel ready then give it a while until he comes round and you have had more time together as a couple. Babies are a very precious gift to us and not the other way round. Ideally they should be conceived through mutual consent. Once you have that precious gift you wanna give them all you can which could prove hard if one of you is not in it heart and soul, he may feel the financial constraints become a burden. In my teens i always wanted a baby at 21 but never met Mr Right until 32, we had our first child at 33 and I have no regrets at waiting, I have so much more life experience to pass on to my son now. Not saying you should wait so long but try leaving it for now, enjoy life as just the two of you while you can x
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