Aiming to be in harmony with nature

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Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 10:30 am 
Post subject: Aiming to be in harmony with nature
In munnar tour packages offer a ringside view of wildlife from close quarters. This unique hill station offers a visitor much more than that one can aspire for. The availability of wildlife viewing decks at tourist destinations and other areas gives tourists the opportunity to photograph wildlife without causing excessive disruption to the animals’ movement and feeding habits. The value of ‘environmental breeding’, if properly planned, can be beneficial and rewarding to both the tourists and the wildlife.

For instance, the spatial elements of a viewing deck or observation post that incorporates wildlife viewing and wildlife protection can make a destination look more appealing to the tourists. The spatial configuration of the viewing deck facilities will certainly regulate the flow of tourists. The health resorts that tower to more than 2 or 3 stories in the high hills offer a good view of the surrounding areas. Due to the proliferation of hotels and resorts in Munnar, the government is actually considering restrictions on building new health resorts and other recreation centers in this ecologically fragile landscape.

Furthermore, the spatial structures provide tourists with a sense of security in an unknown place and will certainly enhance their appreciation of nature. These structural elements also serve as a protective barrier between the tourists and the wildlife (Dredge, 1999; Edington, 1986). Wildlife tourism management also involves full supervision, monitoring and proper control so as not to disrupt the breeding behavior and reduce the conception rate of the wild animals.

The sustainable tourism model always involves the play of different forces in a coordinated manner. The buzzword here is to be in harmony with nature. To implement such a concept, it involves much effort from the part of the different players. Actually, many of the comforts will have to be sacrificed. For example, to avoid the proliferation of non-biodegradable substances, when trekking to the forests, the use of plastics should be totally avoided.
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