Please could you sign our petition?

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Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:56 pm 
Post subject: Please could you sign our petition?
Hi everyone,

Im Sammy and im a bit of a lurker on bc. We lost our first baby Thomas on August 15 2006, he was born asleep when we were 40+5 weeks pregnant. We are now 25 weeks pregnant with his little brother, and it is so scary, but we are getting good care and being positive.

Thomas had undetected IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction) and since his death, i have been campagining for the customised growth charts to be used in all UK NHS trusts, which would pick up IUGR, allow the plan of care to be adjusted and save thousands of babies lives. You might have seen me on BBC Breakfast, the Channel 4 Dispatches programme "Undercover Mother", and also in the Independent on Sunday.

These charts are gradually being introudced, but the new NICE guidlines are'nt going to recommend they are compulsory, which is mad, because the very centre that the Government comissioned to look into the rising rate of stillbirth designed them, and over a number of years study and trials has proven they do work.

We have today set up a petition with the Prime Minister to ask the Government to consider using the charts in every UK NHS trust, to stop thousands of babies dying each year needlessly.

Please could you sign the petition below and help us? Its very easy to do. 1 in 100 babies dies just before, during or after birth, and this high figure really can be reduced so easily.
Thank you so much xx
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