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Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:48 pm 
Post subject: Help me

Right, i dont really know where to begin..... I was married last September, me and husband are very happy together but a few things have changed since the wedding. My Husband had a very well paid job but was made redundant at the start of December, which has left me working 7 days a week to pay the mortgage, bills etc. Ive just found out im pregnant, which is what ive been wanting for years, but its very wrong timing. The problem is i dont really understand what help im entitled to, as working tax/child tax credits all run from the previous years income, which we were financally sorted then.... is there anyway round this that takes into consideration the money that your house hold earns now?????

If anyone can help, i would be so greatful... and it may stop my worrying

S xxxx
p.s. if it helps my partner is on income based support . Im 26 and hubby 35. if this is needed
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Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:31 pm 
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You can look into and apply for:
*Maternity grant
*Health in maternity grant (separate from the above)
*Housing benefit / Council tax benefit
*Maternity pay - look into what your work offers as you should be entitled to more than just SMP (statutory maternity pay)
*If you need help with keeping your house warm look into the warm front grant - up to 3500 for things like cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, boiler improvements etc.
*Other things as and when your own income changes (when you are on maternity pay this counts as income too)
* When baby is born you will get child benefit, 20 a week I think - everyone gets this

Just bear in mind that earnings below 16k you are usually entitled to more benefits - if you earn above this then it's less. Savings are also taken into acount - the more you have, the less help you'll get. child / working tax credits are altered as your income alters or you have a change in circumstance.
You need to contact the job centre - I know you're not looking for a job! - but they deal with all these types of things and will let you know what you can apply for and to who (e.g. I think housing benefit is through your local council?)

Hope this helps, try not to worry - and congratulations!!! Very Happy Have a happy & healthy 9 months x
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