Could it be ectopic?

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Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:51 am 
Post subject: Could it be ectopic?
Hey all.Am just looking for some advice really.I've just found out I'm pregnant (5 weeks tomorrow) and have been having a sharp stabbing pain near my left ovary,on and off for days now,but have had no bleeding etc

However,I have this real niggling feeling something is wrong,I don't really have any symptoms that I had with my first child,infact very few at all,I barely feel pregnant!

I'm going to the doctors tomorrow,but was just wondering,does it sound like a possible ectopic,or could it maybe be a cyst or something?been looking on line and it seems a cyst is quite common,but I don't want to start thinking it's that if there's a chance it may be ectopic?

Would the pain be more constant if it was?as at the moment,it is just a sharp,quick pain,that goes almost straight away,but is happening a few times a day Confused

Thanks for your help Smile xx
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Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:28 pm 
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if it helps i had some terrible pains and cramping on my left side, its gone and now im just putting it down to growing pains

i would presume being eptopic, it would be a constant pain, and i think you would really know about it! being in un bearable pain

speak to your doc tomorrow, - sounds like your ok to be honest, i too have had no morning sickness, nothing
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