Baked potato an chilli beef

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Posted: Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:18 pm 
Post subject: Baked potato an chilli beef
Slimming world style.

Serves 4
You will need-
4 baking potato/or more if no side salad
Good lean minced beef
Low fat cooking spray
salt n pepper
Chilli flakes
smoked paparki
chinnese 5 spice.

Pre heat oven to 190 and spray potato with spray light oil and salt and pepper. (dont wrap in tin foil just set on the oven rack the skin goes really crispy. for 1 Hr

Brown mince off then add your Garlic and fresh ginger then add your veg. Let all simmer together for 4 mins or until soft then add the rest off your seasonings to your own taste with a large squeeze off ketchup. Add a teaspoon off sugar an a squeeze off lemon with salt an pepper. ( i use a sauce i get in sainburys called holy cow, hot garlic sauce.i add 4 cap fulls of it. This will take about 15 mins to cook.

Take poataos out add butter to them gave yourself a LARGE serving off chilli beef and throw some grated cheese over the top. Pure heaven. Hope you all enjoy it as much as me. For syn value just syn in your ketchup and cheese.
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