how do i keep a 18 month old happy on a 4h 45 min flight

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Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:54 pm 
Post subject: how do i keep a 18 month old happy on a 4h 45 min flight

i am due to fly to cyprus at the weekend with my 18 month old son, it is a 4h 45 min flight and i am a bit unsure what to take to keep him entertained on the plane. He doesnt get a seat which means he is on our knees

any ideas?? Confused

thanks claire xxx
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Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:41 am 
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The first tip would be not to worry about it. No matter how much you plan your baby will dictate how the flight goes depending on his mood. I am taking my 5th long haul (13 hours and plane change!!) at Xmas and am, like you, concerned. My advice would be to bring plenty of snacks, nip any tantrums in the bud when you see one brewing by distractions, wrap up toys for him to open and introduce them one-by-one, keep walking around and talking about the plane, people etc. Remember to give him plenty to drink because he may get very annoyed because of thirst in the dry cabin conditions. Just keep your cool and you will be fine. DO NOT worry about deathstares from people!! If you feel bad go into the toilet to calm down-it worked for me. Good luck!!! If you have any ideas let me know!! Very Happy
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