I feel selfish

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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:29 pm 
Post subject: I feel selfish
Im 34 weeks pregnant and my feelings are a mix of being absolutely terriefied, excited and extremely anxius. My boyfriend has adjusted to everything alot better than i have, hes been amazing. He is totally over the moon about becmming a daddy and im really glad, but i also think im jelous of our baby, and she hasnt even been born yet. I feel awful saying it, she hasnt done anything wrong bless her. But im scared that when she arrives that im not going to matter to him as much, that he will be so in ore of his lil girl that hel forget about me and maybe wont love me as much. He says it will be the 3 of us all together, but i still feel the same.

x Any ideas of how to stop me from thinking stupid things please? x

x Has anyone else felt the same? x
AskBaby Legend
AskBaby Legend
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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:18 pm 
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Hello again!

Just wanted to say i feel the same every now and then. What if i get jealous when he/she comes along.

I think for me i just hv 2 think of it like, he is always going to love the baby, most probably more than you, but you will always have this special bond with the dad now, youve done this together and your raising her together. Its better for him to be so full of love for her than not want to see her or have her. it means when you argue shes a reason for him to stay and work things out, not just run off like some guys do. he'l still love you the same, its just a different kind of love.

I duno if this helps, i think im trying to convince me more than you lol Rolling Eyes xx
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AskBaby Star
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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:18 pm 
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I feel exactly the same. I am 17 weeks pregnant and loving it, my hubby is over the moon and absolutely adores the bump already. It is really sweet and I'm glad, but I do feel jealous too. He always says he loves bump, then says he loves me, I sometimes just feel like a baby carrier. But then today at the midwife's I heard the heartbeat for the first time, which he didn't hear, and I have just started to feel the baby, which he cant yet, which makes our bond with our babies so strong too. We just must remember how much we'll love baby when it arrives and how lucky we are to have supportive partners. As Mikhaela says, trying to convince myself too.

Good luck. LD
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