When do we tell him??

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Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 8:54 am 
Post subject: When do we tell him??
Just wanting a little advice.
I am currently pregnant with my first baby (10 weeks 1 day) but my husband has a 8 year old son. Just wondering if anyone has any advice about when to tell him about the baby. I am worried to tell him in case we have a miscarriage and then will have to explain that to him. Also don't know the best way. He has some challanges with his behaviour and am concerned about how he will take the news.
Any advice would be great!
Thanks heaps

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Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:53 pm 
Post subject:
I'm part of a very complex family. I have 2 children. My OH has 1 child (who he is currently fighting a court battle to get access to her as her mum withdrew access because when he went overseas for work for 6 months he told her where he was going and that he was a soldier, apparently 4 year olds should not be told that!). I told both my children the same time once we had 10 week scan. My daughter said to me, I knew you were growing a baby because your tummy was bigger, and then she turned around and told OH that she knew before him!! He is so in tune with me he knew before I did! We have yet to tell my step daughter but we are hoping she takes it in her stride as her mummy is about to have a new baby.
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