Does not want to go to creche

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Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:57 am 
Post subject: Does not want to go to creche
Hi everyone.
If anyone has some advice, it would be really appreciated.
My daugther is 5 and at daycare. She is not wanting to go to school and cries her heart out in the evening. She says that she is scared to go to school and blames another girl for her problem. My husband and i have both being to the daycare and i have even spent a whole morning there with her. There doesnt seem to be a problem at school. Yet she still doesn't want to go unless either her dad or myself sit with her. She has her graduation end of the month plus her concert. I first thought that maybe she didnt like the idea of performing in front of a crowd, cause last year she did the same and i had to go on stage and be with her. My idea is to take her on Monday and drop her, whether she cries or not. Because after we have left she seems to stop crying and start playing. Maybe she is just playing on our emotions?
thanks guysx
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