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Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:02 am 
Post subject: C-Section
hi my name is becky, i noticed der isnt any forums about c-sections.
i had my 1st baby on 17/1/10 a healthy baby girl (which was a surprise as i didnt find out) weighing 8lb 9oz. and had 2 have an emergancy section due to prolonged labour. i was in hospital for 3day but the problems started wen i went home as my stiches wer ment to be taken out after 5days and was left in for 8days which wen i got refered to hospital the nurse said leaving them in did more harm than good. which i ended up getting an infection and the section split which was 2.5cm long, 1cm wide n 1cm deep. i had 2 have antibiotics and im still having 2 go 2 the doctors everyday to have my dressing changed n wound packed which does hurt but i look at my daughter while im having it done and that makes the pain seem worth it and i would rather it was me with the problems than my daughter.

i think in the hospial aswell they got a few things wrong as when the weighed her in the surgery she was 8lb 1oz but they weighed her 20min later wen i got put on the ward (as a midwife thought she felt abit heavier) and she was 8lb 9oz. they also measured her in the surgery and sed she was 57cm and wen the health visitor came 2 weeks later she had shrunk to 55cm. also wen i had my section dey had burnt me with the soldering iron thing and was put on my notes to observe it and not 1 nurse or midwife checked on it in hospital. which i fink is why it got infected. they also didnt tell me i had lost allot of blood when in surgery.

i was just wondering if anyone else had experianced the same problems as me??
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Posted: Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:27 am 
Post subject:
OMG, that sounds awful.

I had emergency section in March after a long labour but apart from a larger incision than losing alot of blood it was relatively straight forward. Ben was also quite far down the birth canal because I was fully dilated & had been pushing for 3 hours so had a larger incision that normal to pull him out.

I had dissolving stitches & my scar healed quite quickly apart from an infection 3 weeks later which took 3 lots of antibiotics to clear up.

Only thing I would say is that my scar is still quite red & itchy but apparantley thats normal.

Things like hospital have messed up. Hope things improve soon. x
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