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Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 3:34 pm 
Post subject: Arms Reach Co Sleeper......
This looks fabulous and I love the fact Dr. William Sears & Dr. James Mckenna endorse them....I have a slight concern as I wasn't aware of such an item my little boy ended up in bed next to me whilst I was breastfeeding after Christmas I started putting him in his own cot as he is over 6 months old. At first everything seemed fine only this week he won't let me put him down in his own cot. This is meaning he is ending up back in my bed. I do not want to dismantle his cot and put it back together in my room. So having see the Arms Reach Co Sleeper my first thought is it would be ideal, but I am worried he then wont go in his own room? I am weaning him off me and I am down to only one feed from me. Any advice welcome?

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