bbt help??

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Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:03 am 
Post subject: bbt help??
hi all,

ive been charting for 3months and am always regular and usually know where i am with my bbt i always have positive opk on friday + sat and then ovulate on the monday then af rears its ugly head on the monday 2wks later, however i came on 2days early on my last cycle so i assumed i would ovulate to days earlier than usual due to the early period. so i estimated i would ovulate saturday 18/12/10, i did my opk on thurs and fri and they were both negative then sat my temp had gone up from 36.3 to 36.7 and was 36.7 again on sunday, so i assumed i'd missed the surge and it was prehaps on weds and i had ovulated on the friday, but now ive taken my temp this morn and its back down to 36.3??? the only difference is on sat and sun i took my temp about 9am where as this morn it was at 7.15am, could that affect my temp??? have i already ovulated, or have i still got a chance this month???? sorry for all the questions, any advice would be lovely Smile many thanks

xxxbaby dustxxx
jenna Smile
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