postnatal depression?

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Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 11:30 am 
Post subject: postnatal depression?
well i'v two other kids and when they we're born i had the baby blues which lasted a week. this time though i had no baby blues, didn't feel sad at all! its only now in the past week or so i'v been feeling very teary... i keep thinking about the birth and with my other two i gave birth on my back and as soon as they we're born they were put on my tummy. this time though i gave birth on all fours and when she was born they took her away to be cleaned and i cudnt turn round to see her as there was iv drip and pain relief wires every where. i wrote on my birth plan i wanted to have her in my arms straight away... i don't know why but i really cry n cry over this. i feel robbed. it doesnt feel right. why do i get so sad over this? i feel like im not as close to her as when the other two were born to. i feel very edgy and have lost a lot of weight. i love my baby girl very much but theres something missing....

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Posted: Tue May 24, 2011 8:25 pm 
Post subject:
Sad awww sweetie. I can understand why you feel this way. I would feel the same. When you've given birth before and know what to expect you want to take more control of the experience dont you. You've had it mapped out in your head how you wanted the experience to be and it wasnt like that, so you've every right to be sad.
Are you aware that you can contact the hospital and ask to speak with the midwives who delivered your baby? That may give you the opportunity to have your questions answered and it may help you to move forward.
Also, have you spoken to your health visitor? I had a horrible experience when I had my 2nd son and I found chattin about it with my HV made such a difference.

Talking to someone about how you feel is definitely the way forward love.

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Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:44 pm 
Post subject: don't bottle it up.
Hiya hun,

I can truly relate to how your feeling and why you don't understand why your feeling like this. I went to very bad Post natal dep after my son. I done everything myself never let anyone help or enjoy my son he was mine and that was my way of being a good mum..But honestly i wasn't close to him at that point i was going through the motions of being a mum.I hid how i was feeling and argued if anyone started getting supicious about how i was feeling to try get them off the scent. I even moved out on my own with my son to try hid how i was truly feeling. An believe me it made things a whole lot worse bottling it up.I thought that if i admitted i was finding it hard that people would think i was a bad mum or that they would even try take him off me.I got so low didn't even want to leave the house before i went any where i was prediciting how quick i could get home.If you can find someone to talk to a Doc or a close family member who u can trust and won't judge you then do so. This maybe your third child but everyone needs emotional support and understanding when you have a new baby whether its your first or your 10th the aftermath of giving birth is never going to be the same.All you need to do is have a chat and get how your feeling off your chest.I learned that the hard way. Hope you get sorted soon and remember there is loads of new mums who get them feelings no matter how bad they feel to you once you open up you will see how normal and common it actually is. if you ever want to chat PM me and i will be happy to help...
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