Could these be symptoms of Epilepsy?

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Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:08 pm 
Post subject: Could these be symptoms of Epilepsy?
Hi there,

My wife has become concerned recently that our LO may be showing signs of Epilepsy. He is a week short of 5 months old.
Recently he has begun tapping with his left hand and his entire arm - like you would tap on a seat next to you to motion someone to sit down. He doesn't do this all the time but quite frequently and at different times - ie sat in his car seat, sat on my knee, in the bath etc
Another symptom is sometimes when he is feeding (either BF by his mum or a bottle from me), he sort of shakes his head in small motions side to side, and a little up and down. Only lasts for a few seconds but it is a bit scary seeing him do it as it does look like the beginnings of a minor fit - however it always seems to pass in 5-10 seconds.

Has anyone seen these sort of behaviours/symptoms before? Is it something to worry about? We're taking him to the docotrs next about it anyway but just wondered if anyone had experienced this with their LOs before?
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Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:06 pm 
Post subject:

I would definitely check with GP, BUT - between about 3 and 6 or 7 months it's really common for babies to develop funny little phhsical repetetive 'twitches'. Both mine had a stage of a few different things. Some stick, some don't. My brother developed one as a baby - 'whizzing' where he would whizz his head side to side at sleep times - he still does it and he's 40 lol. My neice did the exact hand tapping you describe for about 5 months at that age. Without seeing it, though I wouldn't like to guess if it was within normal ranges or not, so definitely go get checked, if nothing else for your own peace of mind.

Hope all is ok

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