Getting pregnant after sterilisation~ part 9

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Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:12 pm 
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Hi angel...did message you on fb but thinking you.may not have got it as few friends I have messaged not recieved theirs more concerned about you at the moment take some time out your a strong person and know you will get that bundle of joy in your believe all ladies on here will do not too bad still goin to counselling. And recently joined a art class and finding it very off to see fertility specialist on wed for follow up app....but think the idea is slowly fadin lets just say I feel I wanted a baby more last 2, years than I do take care hun and u got my number if u want to chat....hello to all ladies on here I know I dont post much but follow you all x
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Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:20 pm 
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thanks JOJO hun..
I am glad you have found some hobbies.. always good for you..
did one class of Zumba.. got my bfp so didnt go again, as I didnt want to risk anything!
so I will go back once bleeding has stopped..hope all goes well with the fertility specialist.. I know what you mean hun.. I will probably have one more shot but that may be it.. not sure I can take any more heartache..and am running out of months.. to feel happy about .. Take care XX
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All 3 much loved and wanted xx
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Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:57 am 
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laila4butwant1more wrote:
hey Smile has anyone had a reversal done at west midlands hospital? I have been quoted �2641 all in. Hoping to get it done b4 or just after xmas as still savin! Even though i want it done asap Sad x
hi what wst midlands hospital did you get quoted this price thanks x
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