Vasectomy Reversal Part 2

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Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:19 pm 
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CrazyCat wrote:
Good luck Hannah - hope he recovers well! It should be in your favour that you are so young too. It must be a relief now it's done, I know I felt that way when my hubby had his op, although we didn't get the outcome we hoped for, still it feels better that he's back to his 'natural state'..

We've registered with a fertility clinic and will be looking at our options once he's had his SA. I'm just waiting to have an AMH test done and scan next week...trying not to think about it all too much!

Hope all you ladies are doing ok Smile

Thank you

Sorry to hear you didn't get the outcome you were hoping for from your reversal. It is a relief now that it's done to know that we have more of a chance now than we did. Just getting impatient on the recovery time lol. Not sure at the moment what road we'd go down if it doesn't work, trying not to be too positive or negative and take it a step at a time at the mo.

That's the problem isn't it, over thinking everything? Trying for now, rightly or wrongly, to look at it as I suppose a "normal" couple would. Hubby is hoping that he'll be as he was before although I have gently put it to him that this may not be the case.

Helps coming on here and hearing other people's perspective of the same situation

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Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:26 am 
Post subject: Newby!
Hi all! Hopefully I'm in the right place! As I am writing this, my husband is in surgery getting his VR!! I feel so guilty that he's having to have this pain for me! 😞

I hope I'm not the only one who felt like this!!

I'm Pauline, and have no children myself. My husband has 3 girls from his previous marriage. All teenagers (joy!!) I'd love to be a mum and I know that DH beats himself up that he had the V 6 years ago just before we met!

I have everything crossed for today!

eeek eeek
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Posted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:48 pm 
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Hi everyone,
Haven't been on here for ages. Am having such a bad day and needed to write it somewhere.
My fiancÚ had his reversal August 31st 2012. I fell pregnant in December 2013 I was shocked it happened so quickly, I have never been happier.
Then on valentines day I lost my miracle baby. I have never been so devastated.
That was 2 and a half years ago and we haven't conceived since. I have been depressed ever since the m/c and every time I hear someone else is pregnant instead of feeling happy I am jealous, upset, angry and just a mess.
I turned 30 two months ago and I just feel like I will never get my baby.
I fear not having a child will ruin our relationship, I have no kids and my fiancÚ has 2 so he doesn't have the same desire I do.
Sorry for the rant. I just feel so alone
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Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:34 am 
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WOW! I have just spent the last 3 days reading the last 50 pages and what a bunch of incredible and brave women you all are! The highs and lows are so uplifting and so devastating. I am just starting out on this journey, and am so hoping I have a positive experience.

DH had his reversal done on the 27th Oct, almost 2 weeks ago now, by Mr Harriss in Nottingham. My story is so annoying really, I could really kick myself! I will try to be brief!

So we have been together for almost 20 years now, DH has got 4 children already, I have none! Anyway 10 years into our relationship we foolishly decided to have a vasectomy Mad at this time I had never had any wish to become a mum and believed that wouldn't change! That was until I turned 35, 5 years after the V. I plucked up the courage and told DH, he was very sympathetic and was willing to have the VR. However I didn't have the courage and thought I could put a lid on my feelings so I decided to carry on with life as best we could. Anyway it reared it's head again when I was 37 and again I tried to bury it, well aware of my age! Which now brings us to here, I'm now 39, and finally we went ahead with the reversal. I have a complete head of mixed feelings, I feel very optimistic one minute, especially after reading testimonials off VR website, and then the reality of it all is when you read forums like this one. Where not everyone gets their BFP. I am so desperate for it to work for us as I know all of the VR women are. I so wish we could turn back time.

Hi Louisbear,
I am so sorry for you, I felt your high when you announced your pregnancy, and I was devastated for you when you had the miscarriage. Life just isn't fair! Please try to keep positive.

Hope this forum becomes active again, I thought the support and advice that has been given throughout these pages was amazing.

Good luck everyone Very Happy
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