Tubal reversal at 43

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Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:51 am 
Post subject: Tubal reversal at 43
Hi, This is my first time on this page, ive been looking for ages to find a website with genuine and honest accounts of tubal reversals.

I have just turned 43 my partner is 30 and childless, i have had 6 live birth, one a cot death. I got sterilised in 99 due to the fact when i had my fourth born in 94, the hospital [:CENSORED:] up and they broke my waters and then realised my son was transverse lie, so he had no way to come out, i ended up with a emergency section and they ended up giving me a classical section. Mine was done internally so no scar on out side, was adviced never to have any more choldren at that time by the surgeon, but i did go on and have two more sons, no problems carrying them, just close monitoring, but felt three sections later that because of the previous blunder by the hospital, i decided to get sterilised, i was devastated, never thought id ever get to be a mum again, but met my partner and he wants children, i have regular periods and was very fertile before, i had my tubes clamped, i am now looking into a reversal, the costs, where we can get in done in scotland, who to talk too pre op, just any info really, and looking for people who are my age and going to do this, we did compare costs abroad which are half the price, just want the chance to be a mam again with my lovely man, any support would be appreciated.
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Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 1:45 pm 
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Hi jaq17, I wanted to say you do what ever you both want. My advice is to get the fertility tests first and then decide. I will not say it has been all plain sailing and it is so upsetting at times. But I wouldn't change the fact I went for it, and I have no been successful yet, but I am still trying lol. Good luck xx
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Posted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:44 am 
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Gee, cant offer any advice but what does it cost in your country?
best wishes and i hope it all works out for you guys.
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