Could he be overtired

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Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:05 pm 
Post subject: Could he be overtired
I've posted this in the newborn section, but thought I may get more response in here.

My 3 week old baby boy is a dream compared to how Noah was at this age. He sleeps well, self settling during the day - sometimes with a dummy, sometimes without - and has gone 4-5 hours at night between feeds (although usually only manages 2-3 hours - but I'm fine with that).

However, in the evening, I just can't settle him. I don't let him nap past 5pm in the afternoon, then when he wakes, I feed him, let him kick about on his play mat, give him a bath, then feed him again. After a good feed, he normally falls asleep at the breast but is awake within minutes (as he often is during the day if he falls asleep at the breast). However, once he wakes, there is just no settling him and he sometimes cries uncontrollably. I then get him to sleep by singing to him, rocking him, swaddling him to stop his arms going crazy, or by giving him his dummy and stroking his head.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is could he be overtired? He's not normally awake in the day for any longer than 90 mins. So is he awake too long in the evenings? The earliest I've managed to settle him is 8pm, which is really 3 hours awake. I do try and get him settled by 6.30pm - so that would only be 90 mins awake, but like I said, he wakes up after falling asleep on the breast.

I'm at my wits end with it because by the time 7pm comes around, I've been awake for 13 hours working non stop with a newborn and a toddler, and all I wanna do is rest to prepare myself for getting up to feed him 3-4 times in the night. Sad

What is everyone else's routine for their 3 week old?

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Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:44 pm 
Post subject:
Didn't want to read and run, i can't really suggest ideas for you as when my LO was a few weeks old he was lactose intolerance and slept horribly and screamed non stop pretty much until we realised.
I can say though i have noticed with my LO who is now 10 months old, almost, that if he falls asleep during his bottle for the full 20 minutes he will have napped just enough to stay awake.
And if he falls asleep at the end & wakes when i take the bottle away i try to put his dummy in and put him down before he realises what has happened haha. Also he tends to be awake roughly 3 hours a time & sleeps through the night. So maybe overtired is it. Watching for signs of a tired baby are tricky when they're newborn i suppose.
Hope you sort it hun x
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