will only go on the potty when he has no pants on

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Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:42 pm 
Post subject: will only go on the potty when he has no pants on

I wonder if anybody can help. My little boy is 21/2 he has been going on the potty for both wee and poo during the day for about 6 weeks now when we are at home, he never has an accident and knows exactly what he is doing. However as soon as I put pants on him he just wees in the pants, I think he is confusing them with a nappy and thinks he is okay to wee. He has just started play group and obviously cant let him run around there with nothing on below the waist!!.

Does any body have any tips or suggestions as to what I can do to get him to go on the potty when he has pants on.


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