going backwards :(

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Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:33 pm 
Post subject: going backwards :(
Sam has been doing really well with potty training for the last month, always telling me that she needs to go, or going on the potty on her own. occasionally she has done a small dribble if i dont get her to the potty quick enough

but today she has wet herself 3 times, first time was this morning, and i only noticed when i put her on the potty cos she was jigging about, i noticed her pants were wet. then this afternoon i was in the kitchen and when i went into the living room to her, i noticed the back of her dress was wet, so i asked her if she had done a wee and she said no. when before she has told me shes done it. and just now she has stood up in her highchair and i noticed it running down her leg, and when i went to clean it up, it wasnt just a little bit. but again she never said she needed to go Sad

what should i do about it? im trying not to make a big fuss, but when she knows what shes doing its quite frustrating.

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