Strange behaviour?

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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:54 pm 
Post subject: Strange behaviour?
Hi all I'm a mother of 5 children and I've never come across this happening with my other children my four girls but my sons behaviour has started to change and I'm not sure if it's normal?? He's just turned 1yrs old and he loved his dummy it comforted him when he had colic when he was a small baby but suddenly overnight he will not have it, he gets really mad if you try to give it too him and flings it out his cot. Because of this he can't settle of to sleep like he used too and he gets quite upset he's not got any teeth coming through and even when they did before it never stopped him loving his dummy. He's also started to put both hands over his ears covering them sometimes when you speak like it's loud and he's trying to stop the noise but it's not loud. And he seems to be doing it more often, we took him too have his ears checked but there's no problems with them. He won't let you hug him even if he is crying if he's tumbled and you hug him to comfort him he'll fight you off. Hes very active too and never stops moving, running (he's been walking since 10months) climbing and picking and messing with objects and toys not till the moment he sleeps! Lol I'm not sure if this is just boys behaviour? As I know that some people say that boys are more active but I'm just so unsure what to think, is this normal behaviour? My sons father has a family history of aspergers syndrome so I don't know what to think? Or maybe I'm just worrying for nothing. Any advice would be great thanks
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