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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:17 pm 
Post subject: Done something stupid
I've had a terrible week, learning my work might lay people off, my OH chatting to his co worker on FB with suggestive comments, then I learn a friend has hung himself.

Yesterday I got sandwiched in between a dump truck and a car behind me, the dump truck wanted to reverse up a road and I had no where to go. Anyways, one of the lads who had this stupid hat on, but that's not the point started shouting at me, doing actions that I was mad by twirling his fingers around his temple making faces. I know I should have been the bigger person. But I got out of the car and forgot to apple the handbrake. Yes, bang! I was so scared I lied to OH and now he's complained to the chief executive of the council. This chief ex says we will study CCTV if this vehicle has one fitted.

Now, I've had such a big deal about this I am now pooping myself! Shall I come clean or pray like mad and hope the vehicle has no CCTV?

Any advise would be great.
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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:21 pm 
Post subject:
Oh dear... don't be too hard on yourself we have all been there. Sometimes its easier just to tell a white one that have the hassle, drama and fall out of telling the truth. I can see why you lied to OH about forgetting to put the hand brake on. What did you say happened?

You are not totally to blame, how can they expect you to reverse if there is someone behind you??? You made an easy mistake, surely the damage can be that bad if you car just rolled into the dump truck? You could just come clean laying it on thick that you felt nervous and intimated by the guy in the hat and the actions he was doing. Don't stress about it too much I am sure it will all get sorted. You might have to pay to get your car fixed but everyone has a bump at one time or another, its just one of those things. Your OH might get angry at first but I am sure he will calm down - plus he is hardly in a position to put you in the dog house given his conduct on FB.

You could keep quiet and hope there is not CCTV (even if there is its not always that clear anyway) but personally for me the stress of keeping it in is always worse than just putting my hands up.

Sorry to hear about your friend hope all ok with work and OH. don't let yourself stress, it all over a small bump at least nobody was hurt. You haven't done anything terrible. It will be ok.

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AskBaby Star
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Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:05 pm 
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Keep quiet see what happens with the CCTV if any. I would just make out it was a bit of a blur due to intimidation etc.. Anyhow road rage/abuse in itself is an offense and so I should not worry.

I've hadrmb fair share of arrogant men trying to intimidate me too and I like you see red and get out too. You've got to stand your ground!
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