Single Parent - what help can I get

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Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:01 am 
Post subject: Single Parent - what help can I get
I am going through an agonising time at the moment as my partner of 3 years and I are just not getting on, we hardly talk. I don't think I love him anymore and I think that we should separate. We have a 13 month old daughter. I have a house that I have mortgaged myself for 6 years and he moved in with me 3 years ago. The house is still in my name and I want to stay here. We had a loft conversion to give us a second bedroom which he helped finance from savings. I currently work 2/3 days a week and don't have the option to do anymore days at the moment. If my partner leaves, he will stop contributing to the household income but will provide what is required for our daughter. Does anyone know if I would get help with my Mortgage or utility bills or would I be forced to sell my property and get a council house or have to find a rented property. I work in residential lettings so I know the cost of a 2 bedroom house and its so much more than I pay on my mortgage. I obviously get child benefit and working tax credits but it doesn't help that much with our income. As it is my partner is on a very low wage and I used to be the main bread winner but now I'm part time, our out goings are more than our income put together. We live in our over draft to survive and are not extravagant people and hardly go out. I rely on hand me downs from friends for clothes for my daughter so I am lucky in that respect. Is anyone in a simular position to me that can advise me or give me some re-assurance? I don't know what to do and I am extremely unhappy. My daughter keeps me going at the moment.

Please help!
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Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:12 am 
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You should be able to get working tax credits and child tax credits based on your income, not sure if you'd qualify for housing benefit of some description, but you should get a council tax discount . It's not as easy as selling your house and getting a council hopuse anyway as if you sell the council say you've made yourself homeless and they dont have an obligation to rehouse you Confused
There are calculators on the site you can use to try and work out what you're entitled too and the citizens advice bureau can help too, your OH couldn't force you to sell at the moment to try and get his money back from the house but if you think he would want it back in the future then I would see a solicitor now to draw up an agreement for exactly how much of a stake in the house he has based on it's current value so if you do sell in the future he only gets that and not a percentage of it's future value . He will also have to pay maintainance, through the CSA is the best otion which isn't counted when working out your tax credits ,FX with all the extras you'll be ok financially xx
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