im new to this site can anyone help me !?

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Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:54 am 
Post subject: im new to this site can anyone help me !?
hi there im new to this site and it was recommended to me by a friend who currently uses it. she said its been very helpful to talk to actual people in the same predicament to her, who actually understand how she feels.
my situation is different from hers we are both desperate for a baby but luckily enough for her she has already been granted kids in the past however i have always wanted a baby and im now in my 30's and its still not happened, i dont want to be an old mum, i want to join in and enjoy my babys life not sit on the sidelines looking in !
ive been with my partner some years now, we tried and tried for a baby and still unsuccessful.
i used to have 7 -9 day periods they were always heavy and irregular since i started at age of 12. but in july time 2010 i started to bleed for pretty much half the month, it got more n more and i lost my actual "period" and a period of time was not bleeding!!! i went to the drs they said take these pills its this its that , they just fobbed me off time n time again, blaming things like ibs and stress!
in january 2011 i was now bleeding constantly i had decided to keep a record of my bleeding, or non bleeding periods! everytime i went to drs and tried to get my point across that i was sure something was not right i took my diary of bleeds with me, eventually a dr took notice saying thats not right they sent me for ultrasound which come back with something they couldnt be sure on, they sent me for a second ultrasound and it come back i had a cyst behind my womb, a blocked tube up the left side and polyps were causing the bleeds,
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