89 hours of tourture

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did you feel the midwifes met your care standards?
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Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 12:08 pm 
Post subject: 89 hours of tourture
my waters broke on saturday around tea time, informed the hopsital who told me to lie on my side for 30 mins, rang hopsital back an went in around 11 when pains became regular and more painfull, only to be told that my waters hadent broke and to take paracetmol and go home till pains became more painfull, was unable to sleep and returned to the hopsital the next night after having strong contractions all day and loosing more water, they sent me home again with more paracetamol and told me to sleep and return when pains wer3e every 2 mins, at this point they were every 5 mins, returned the hopsital monday to the labour ward and was 2 cm dialted, told me to walk around the hospital for 6 hours to try and make baby move around more, sent me ome once again and told me i wasnt in established labour even though my contractions were every 3 mins and lasting for 1 min, returned home and constandly getting hot baths to try and sooth the pain, was unable to sleep again as pains were too painfull was constantly rocking, couldnt take anymore after drifting off and being woke up every contractio was emotioonally and phycialy drained, all i could do was cry and rock, went back to the hopsital tuesday nigt and demaned pain refielf to be told " are you sure", midwife never checked my temp as i was burning up, pulse was too high and baby was in destress, i started to bleed and the midwife asked me "why are you bleeding" as if i was ment to no, was then moved to the techical bit and was closly monitored. had to have a drip put in my arm to pump 4 litres of water in to me as i was servely dehydrated, was put on the montior and the babys heart rate was not coming back up like it should, docotors took bood from mee and relised i had contracted a infection, the midiwfes told me tha if baby was to get anymore stressed they would hve to take a blood test from her soft spot and that would tell them wether to take baby out, fortualtly they never had to come to that and baby was born natuarlly on wednesday afternoon, to be told then that my waters had broke when i told them they had, and had been broken for 89 hours and this had casued me for contract an infeciton and nearlly loose my baby, 6 weeks on and i stil have my infection, i think that midwifs should have more training and procedures should be changed, if only the midwife had listened to me then i wouldnt have had to go though that tramatic time

juust thoght i would share my labour and if anyone else had had this kind of neglect or has had this experiance, i dont think it is right that midwifes are allowed to do this as this was ment to be the best time for me and my boyfriend bringin our baaby into the world but there was nothing but complications
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