Does this sound like autism?

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Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:25 pm 
Post subject: Does this sound like autism?
My daughter is now 11 months, she is still not smiling at us and doesnt make and facial expressions at all. She has low muscle tone and finds it hard 2 hold her head up 4 long periods at a time! She is very undemanding and im worried she doesnt even reconise me. Its so upsettin. She doesnt get excited or anythin. Her eye contact is gettin better but noway as good as other babies her age! She also suffers seizures altough she can go weeks without havin 1. Does this sound like autism to u? She's not making any noises and is still like a newborn baby! She has had mri and blood test but we are still waitin on results. She has physio, ot and speech therapists comes 2 visit her. Any reply wud be much appreciated. Thank u. Xxx
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