7 Seater?

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:39 am 
Post subject: 7 Seater?
my mate and her husband are driving to cornwall soon they are taking the 2 year old 10 month old twins and a newborn they need a 7 seater car that will fit them all in and hold a double buggy single buggy and suitcases and the seats need to be full sizes as the kids all need carseat =s

can anyone recommend? Thanks
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Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:44 am 
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We are in a similar predicament. We need to rental a large family vehicle as well. We are going down to Cornwall for a week in June. There will be four adults and one child (he is 4). I've been researching for the last few weeks and it has caused many headaches.

We have just got back from a Ford dealership today as we wanted to look at the Galaxy MPV (S-Max is slightly smaller and wouldn't work for us).

The galaxy is a 7 seater and with the two back seats down, it supposedly takes up to 7 pieces of luggage. I must admit, there does seem to be a lot of luggage space and so we are going to rent this particular vehicle.

We will have 4 suitcases. A cooler (quite a big box for food etc) and my sons scooter.

Another MPV which looks like a good size (I think slightly bigger than the Galaxy) is a Seat Alhambra. Although I think they are quite hard to get as a rental car.

I think your friends need to actually go out and look at some vehicles because we originally booked a Ford S-Max (the lady over the phone said the size would be okay for us) and after looking at them, it definitely isn't big enough.

If you decide against the MPV, then really the next sort of vehicles are more van-like. The hyundai i-800 looks reasonable. This is a 8 seater. So plenty of room. Other than space, it all depends on how big vehicle you want to be driving down to Cornwall in.

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Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:15 am 
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Infant car seats are smaller and lighter than convertible car seats and usually have a handle for easy carrying. They snap in and out of a base you install in the car, and in and out of your stroller, so you can transfer your baby from place to place without waking him.
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