This is lasting longer than it should.

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Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:03 am 
Post subject: This is lasting longer than it should.
My LO had his 12/13 month jabs about 3 weeks ago, he developed a cold afterward & constipation. The cold has gone, but not the constipation? After a week i started to wonder so tried more to encourage him to drink water/juice through the day (he's not a fan) but have managed t get him to have a tippy cup of water a day, through out the day. It's not helping.. i've been giving him fruit for desert after his dinner too to try help matters but it's no good.
He isn't too bothered over it.
He's his usual happy self, no change to his diet, apart from he is on 9oz now instead of 8oz.
I have to be careful about what food he has, he's lactose intolerant (plan on weaning him onto it after christmas)
I'm all out of ideas but funny about going to the docs as i'm sure he's healthy.. apart from this ofc.
So confused as to where all this water is going :S
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Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:28 am 
Post subject:
my daughter was constipated last week, she drinks loads of water anyway. i tried orange juice (fresh, and diluted) weetabix and nothing. in the end i got some lactulose (iv just checked and even though it sounds like lactose i cant see that it has it in) i bought it from the chemist, but you can get it on prescription, gave her 2 spoons on the evening and she did a massive poo in the night, got me up at 3:30am to change her!

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