aaarrrgh what have I done???

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Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:19 am 
Post subject: aaarrrgh what have I done???
I must have done something wrong somewhere!!!
From about the age of 8 weeks my wee man would go to bed awake and quite happily put himself asleep. He has now decided he can't do this anymore!!! He started off by just lying in bed for ages just playing and not going to sleep for one of his daytime naps. Then he started doing it for both daytime naps. Now he doesn't happily play anymore- he cries as soon as I put him down, and he is now doing it when I put him down at night.
I have to sit by his cot and pat his tummy to settle him.
I am not sure what has changed. The only things I can think of are that he now has two bottles of formula during the day as I am going back to work (still BF other feeds), or maybe he is teething, or maybe as he is getting older he is getting some seperation anxiety???
What have I done wrong???
I know maybe I should leave him to cry, but I can't and I definately won't be able to expect the person looking after him when I am working to.

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Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:02 pm 
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Is he getting overtierd hun, Kayne got like this and i realised he was over tierd so put him down half an hour earlier and hes back to settleing himself again. But he has naps in his swing in the day not his cot. xxx

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