Problems down there since childbirth...

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Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:35 pm 
Post subject: Problems down there since childbirth...
Hi Ladies,

Since having my first baby 13months ago I have never fully recovered - the doctor has been treating me for reaccuring thrush since then but the treatment hasnt worked, I still get it all the time! I think there may be an underlying problem causing the Thrush as I get little splits occur down there between my inner and outer Labia every 3/4 weeks...then a few few days later I get Thrush (im clear of all STD's so I know its not that) Its very depressing! Sad Not only this but ive also got a urethral carnuncle (possible from the cathatur they used on me during labour) No one has told me why ive got i or how to get rid of it or wether its dangerous etc. I have seen 3 doctors about it and none of them had seen one on a pre-menapausal woman only 25! They have finally referred me to the Gynacologist this week, im really nervous but we'll soon see what they say. (am scared they will try and take a biopsy!) I just wonered if any one else has experienced either of these issues?? Would be good to know im not alone....

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Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:31 am 
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I have exactly the same problem Hun and I haven't even been to the doctors! I just keep putting it off because I know they wont know what's wrong maybe I should ask to be refered to the gyno, I just want to feel normal again! It's been 2 years I've been checked for all STD's and I'm all clear never had any when ur appt? X
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