20 month year old suddenly not sleeping through the night!

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Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:10 am 
Post subject: 20 month year old suddenly not sleeping through the night!
Hi, my little girl has always slept through the night, i have been blessed with such a good sleeper, she goes in her cot awake at 7pm (ish) and then falls asleep herself, sleeps through until 7am (ish).

3 nights ogo this all changed, she woke after about an hour and then cried and moaned untill 1am! she had 3 bad nappies which i changed and this made her sore so then she kept pulling at her nappy, she was then wide awake for and the cycle started again, more crying and more fuss then another bad nappy.

Due to the bad nappies i thought she must be unwell and have tummy bug, but during the day there are no dirty nappies, she eating and drinking well and having her normal naps! then as soon as bed time comes round again, it all starts off.

So strange as night time has never been a problem.

Could this be teeth?? She does have her 4 pointy teeth come though (sorry i cant think of their name), but these 4 teeth have all broken the skin and i didnt think they had affected her as during the day she appears ok.

aNy ideas???

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